Have you ever been to an apartment complex and noticed there are satellite dishes everywhere? It can be unsightly, and for some condominium properties, actually decrease the value of your unit.
There are a lot of companies that don’t allow satellite for apartment complexes because they think that they will have tenants putting up dishes everywhere. That can turn into an eyesore.
We offer a “single dish solution” to Apartments, Condos, and Other Properties. This is an innovative approach where we put up one dish that services an entire building. It makes residential buildings/property’s look a lot cleaner and nicer.
Another preference of the single dish approach is there are no remnant mounts or holes in the building when tenants move out or change providers. This is a huge maintenance advantage.
Take the worry out of providing a satellite option to your tenants and condo owners by considering our single dish solution.

(more information on this DISH service can be found on the DISH website: