How Do I Get Satellite TV in My Apartment?

A Kennewick satellite dish provider explains how to get satellite TV in your apartment.How do I get satellite TV in my apartment, is an age old question we have been answering for Tri Cities residences for years. While installation is relatively similar to single-family home installation, there are some additional hoops to jump through in the beginning. We hope to help you navigate any apartment-based hurdles with ease with this article.

You’re apartment may be prewired for satellite TV already.

As an added amenity, many apartment developers and building owners pre-wire each unit in their community for satellite TV service. They are given a discounted base price that they can pass on to you, the tenant, and are often able to use fewer, larger satellite dishes places on the roof of the building instead of on each individual’s balcony.

Before calling any satellite company to set-up service, check with the leasing team or property management company and ask if they building is pre-wired for satellite TV.

Get permission to install a satellite dish.

If you’re apartment community is not yet wired for satellite, you’ll want to review your lease guidelines to determine if you can install a satellite dish and, if there are any specifications on where or how the dish can be mounted. An alternative option is to ask the management company at your community – as they are most-likely well versed in the rules of the complex.

It is important to review this before contact us for satellite installation, as it helps us determine the type of mount we need to bring with us before we arrive, as well as where we can install the dish for you.

Determine the type of mount you need.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we many need to bring an alternative mount with us to your Kennewick or Walla Walla, Washington home when we come by to install a satellite dish. Typically, a satellite dish is mounted to the roof of your house. If that is not possible, we can use special screws to mount the dish to the exterior side of your home or to a brick wall.

In an apartment with a balcony, you will most often see a tripod mount. Just like a tripod for a camera, this three legged contraption acts as a stand for your satellite dish, allowing it to sit on the ground and limiting the number of holes drilled in your stucco.

Whether you live in an apartment, or condo, or single family home, you can enjoy the benefits of satellite TV. For more information on about choosing the best satellite provider, take a look at our comparison of DirecTV and DishTV.

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