How to Hide Unsightly Wiring on Your Own

Zip ties helpElectricity and all the devices it powers has undoubtedly improved our lives. It brings us warmth, light, and re-runs of Seinfeld.

Unfortunately, powering most of these devices requires you to run a cord or two from the wall to the device. If you only had one electronic device in your home that’d be one thing, but in this modern age, there’s a good chance you have a TV, a DVR, a modem, a router, and maybe even a few more pieces of hardware crammed into your central living room cabinet.

That’s a lot of wires, which can look pretty ugly. There are ways to hide this wiring, though, such as:

Zip Ties Are Your Friend

The first step to managing your wires is to rummage through the junk drawer and find some zip ties. Use them to consolidate your separate wires into one strand – it’s a much cleaner look.

Put the Bundle in a Basket

Bringing all your wires together into one strand with zip ties helps, but that won’t take care of the huge bundle that forms at the back of your console where all the wires meet.

To hide this bundle, find a nice basket and stick it in there.

A Shoebox Will Do, Too

Or, if you can’t find a good basket, you can use a high-end shoebox instead. Just cut a hole in the top that’s big enough to run the wires through.

This might not look right if you’re going for a classic or ultramodern aesthetic, but it can be a nice little touch if you have more of a kitschy/eclectic vibe going on.

Cord Clips and FlatWire

Until this point, we’ve been trying to give you solutions that won’t cost you any money. But we recognize that you might not have a basket or box lying around the house that looks nice enough to serve as your wire hider. Maybe you don’t even have zip ties. If that’s the case, there are products you can buy to compensate.

Specifically, we’re talking about cord clips and FlatWire. You can use cord clips to attach wires to the back of your living room furniture and out of view, while FlatWire presses wires to the wall and allows you to paint over them.

These tools will cost you some money, but not much.

If you have any questions about setting up your television console, feel free to contact us and ask.






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