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Head-End Systems for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Living in an RV can be a dream come true for many people as they can travel and see the sights. However, pulling into the campground can be a real bummer if the park doesn’t have great facilities.

One of the stellar, value-added amenities that we can provide is what we call a “head-end system.” It’s a master facility for TV reception coupled with a distribution system to each campsite.
Just think about it – when folks have been on the road for a while, they want to kick back and relax when they reach their destination. Obviously, part of that experience for many people includes watching TV to catch up on the news, sports, and their favorite show. Unfortunately, at many RV parks and campgrounds, they have to resort to the equivalent of the good old rabbit ears to have any reception. With that, they often only receive a few channels. Or they have to get some sort of box at every destination. It’s a real hassle.

That’s where we come in. At Columbia Basin Satellite & Electric we’re experts at the installation of high-quality head-end systems. The system master facility is installed in a central location and service is distributed through a network to each individual location. Then, all the travelers have to do is hook up to their cable jack.

Once you have a system installed you will soon reap the benefits – people will be talking about how awesome your facility is. The word will spread through their friends and acquaintances as well as online. This is a must-have for any RV park or campground that is looking to stand above the crowd.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment for us to perform an evaluation of your facility and schedule the installation.

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