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Why Should I Consider DirectTV for my Tri City TV Service?

Columbia Basin Satellite

A Tricities satellite company share their thoughts on when DirecTV is the best option, and when it isn’t.Shopping for new television service can be frustrating and complicated. How do you know the best service to go with? Is it possible to predict who will have the best reception in the Tri Cities area?

With over 30 years in the satellite business, our team at Columbia Basin Satellite has put together the pros and cons of DirecTV to help guide you.

The Benefits of DirecTV

Let’s start with discussing the benefits of DirecTV. Satellite companies, in general, are continually ranking significantly higher on the JD Power and Associates rankings. DirecTV ranks the highest in consumer satisfaction, as well as offerings and promotions.

Additionally, DirecTV offers it’s customers more than quadruple the number of HD channels than national cable companies, and offers these upgraded channels at a lower price. If you’re looking to pay more for less TV service, than cable TV is right for you. If you want exceptional television service at a great value, then DirecTV is a definitely worth a closer look.

Exclusivity is another trait of DirecTV that is worth considering. This satellite company brings you some of the most coveted sports television packages in the industry, like NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, and NBA League Pass.

For golf fans, they offer a quick look at which holes and shots every channel covering major tournaments is showing. So, you can watch them all on one screen or select the shot you want to see at that moment.

If you’re a sports fan, DirecTV is the “undisputed leader in sports.” You won’t see this kind of coverage from other television providers.

The Downside to DirecTV

While there are many benefits to DirecTV, as discussed above, there are also downsides to the service. It’s important to consider both when making your decision.

The basic TV package that DirecTV offers comes with more programs than DISH. However, sports fans often have to upgrade a few package levels to get access to basic sports channels, like the GOLF channel. This means you may end up paying a bit more for the service than you would for cable.

If you’re not a fan of contracts, you may hesitate to subscribe with DirecTV, as they require a 24 month contract up front. Most contracts have promotional pricing for the first year and a locked in rate for the second year. Canceling the contract before the 24 months is up will cost you approximately $20 per month left on your contract.

If you’re looking to add satellite television service to your home, and we highly recommend it, DirecTV is a great option to consider. Give us a call and we can help you find the right plan to service your Washington home.